Carasmatic Productions employs a full roster of translators to handle all of your versioning needs, to or from any language.

Overseeing your project, our principals both have backgrounds in translation:

David Garcia Dans, a native of Spain, has translated and localized projects for European Spanish. With all of the scripts that come to our desks, he has found that many translations purporting to be localized for Europe are actually Latin American Spanish and, out of national pride, he makes sure his EU Spanish translations would pass muster back home. David also speaks Portuguese, Galician, English and Italian.

Joan Dans holds bachelors and masters degrees in language from Harvard University. The emphasis of her studies was the aesthetics of Japanese-to-English literary translation. She also speaks Spanish and has studied French, Hebrew, Greek, and Bahasa Indonesia. Although too busy these days herself to translate, she keeps a trained and very watchful eye on the scripts that come across her desk, often catching problems before they are recorded.

Our translation services offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a one-tiered translation approach in which a single translator carefully versions your script, or a two or even three-tiered approach in which a second or third set of eyes is put on your project to edit and proofread the final version for a flawless finish.

In addition, we offer our clients native language consultants and directors who will attend recording and editing sessions (even remote sessions), coaching the talent and making sure that we get the perfect read of our clients' copy. Our video game directors are trained in re-translating on the fly, and you can count on their expertise and attention to detail.

For more on the translation process, click here for our FAQ.