Voiceover for television or radio commercials or spots. Some are done to picture; others are recorded independent of the visual component. We've done several that "dub" a voice in one language to lips speaking another! We've advertised cars, jeans, snack food, razors. We've voiced public service announcements that help people without insurance find proper health care. It's all about selling: pitching a concept, advocating a position, making the listener notice.


Also known as Corporate Voiceover. Voiceover for company videos, sales presentations, training and instructional videos, trade show and job fair exhibits, and more. Here's a presentation video for a Japanese beverage maker explaining results of a recent TV ad campaign. (We didn't write the script on this one.)


In addition to the "face" of the informational television program, there is the all-important voice -- usually the one who has the job of delivering most of the details to the viewer. Here's an example from a Sunday morning real estate program that aired in Los Angeles, California.


The narrator of a documentary tells the story, and often can make the difference in whether the film holds the viewer's attention, merely by the way he or she reads her script. The narrator sets the mood, reels 'em in, and fascinates the viewer til the credits role. Some of our favorites have been an award-winning documentary about the Korean Red Hairstreak Butterfly, descriptions of the Olympic Village in Nagano as it was being built, and this sample. Here's a documentary we narrated about the Guyana Highlands and the creatures that inhabit this ancient land.


Carasmatic Productions offers full script production services for your voiceover project. Although we don't get the opportunity to as often as we would like, it would be our pleasure to work with you to create the perfect script for your unique and important project. We can help you build your script from the ground up, or simply edit and make recommendations on a script you provide. We can translate it into or out of any language, and we back all our work with a satisfaction guarantee.