Carasmatic Production has 8 years of experience in car navigation system voice recording. Starting with Denso in 1997, which supplies DVD-based navigation systems for 26 countries, we have worked with Lincoln on their telematics recordings, and more.

Carasmatic Productions specializes in the type of seamless voice files found in the car navigation systems of Jaguar worldwide, models of the Mercedes Benz, Lincoln, Land Rover and Ford. While some car navigation systems talk to you in an apparently "computerized" voice -- a choppy, disconnected series of phrases with awkward inflection -- our files were recorded over the past 8 years with extreme "attention-to-intonation". We've studied other systems, and have compiled an ever-evolving manual for our voice talent that describes how to record phrases for the smoothest possible playback.

Recently, we were hired to produced all of the voice recordings for a major Italian sports car in 7 languages.

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