Carasmatic Multilingual Voiceover Productions


Arabic voiceover is available in many accents and types, from many countries. We have on our roster native speakers representative of the most requested dialects, as well as some of the more exotic varieties - even a few child voice actors! We have recently recorded voices in Arabic for products such as the Powerbag, children's learning devices, videos for Nautilus Yachts, and telephone prompts for major corporations.

We are lucky enough to have some fantastic native Arabic voice talents on our roster from all Arabi-speakingc countries, as well as a full staff of translators, and we have handled the translation to Arabic of many of the projects we have recorded.

You can sample our most-requested talents below, and many more are available upon request. Please inquire if you need a specific regional accent and we will supply that information.


Female   Male  
Mona Ahmed
Lamia Jamal
Asma Kandil
Hala Ragab
Roua El Gazzar
Dayane Ammar
Arwa Abdulatif
Iman Aban
Maha Fady
Rawan Wael
Miara Marwan
Habiba (child) Youssef (child)


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