Thank you for choosing Carasmatic Productions for your voiceover project!

Unless explicitly defined otherwise, our agreement with you carries the following guarantees and representations:


We will record your script as received, not taking any liberties with the script or translation you provide.  If there are any unusual, unique, technical or foreign words in your script (including abbreviations), you will provide us with a pronunciation key along with your script, which we will follow during recording.  If there is a word in your script with which we are unfamiliar or for which there are multiple accepted pronunciations, we will make every reasonable effort to voice the correct pronunciation during recording.


If we mis-pronounce a common word (not including abbreviations or words in a language other than the main language of the script), or if we omit any words in your script, the mistake is ours and we will re-record that portion of your script at no additional charge.  If we pronounce an unusual, unique, technical or foreign word that was not included on the pronunciation key (including any and all abbreviations) in a way that is unacceptable to you, the mistake will be considered yours and there may be a charge for an additional recording session to fix the pronunciation.


A voice talent's instrument is his or her body itself.  Although all professional voice talents go to great lengths to take care of their instruments, colds and illnesses are inevitable.  If a voice talent becomes ill and is unable to record your script on the date promised, your recording session will be rescheduled for the next available day after the illness has resolved itself.  Although our contract with you may include a promise of a delivery date, illness of a voice talent and the inevitable rescheduling of your session in no way breaches that contract.


Please take the time to describe in detail how you would like your text read. If a custom audition of your script has been provided by us, please advise us prior to the recording session of anything that needs to be modified in the final recording, ex. speed/pace, tone of voice, energy level, or any other specific notes on the delivery of your script. If we do not receive additional instruction from you, we assume that the custom audition fit your needs and we will replicate that during the actual recording session.


Our voice talents record out of our professional recording facility in North Hollywood, California, or a partner facility in another state or country. It is our intention to partner with only the highest quality sound studios around the world and, unless otherwise noted, our talent samples are recorded in the exact facility they will be using to record your project. If you have any issue with the audio quality of the talent sample we send you, please make sure to discuss this with your project manager before the recording session.


Upon delivery of the recorded files, it is your responsibility to check for accuracy according to your QA protocol unless you have chosen additional third-party QA for your project. If any mistakes are found or you decide to implement changes in the script or direction, please request a session to correct them. Our mistakes (as described above) will be fixed at no charge to you in one session at the talent's earliest availability; there may be an additional session fee for implementing client-side changes or multiple pickup sessions for the same script. We recommend compiling a list of all requested changes in a Word or Excel document before requesting a pickups session to avoid additional session fees.


Often during the course of a project a new translation, additional voice talent, copywriting, or other services may be requested by you on a rush basis. Our goal is your satisfaction, and to that end there may not be time to create new invoices, amend contracts, or do anything other than describe the changes you need in an email and request one from you authorizing the additional service(s), without holding up your project. For that reason, your email acceptance is considered a binding agreement to hire Carasmatic Productions for the additional services in question and pay for those services upon their completion, according to our payment terms.


Production begins upon receipt of a 50% deposit. The balance is due upon your receipt of all deliverables. Mistakes we make will be fixed for 30 days free of charge in one pickups session upon your request and based on talent availability. Additional pickups sessions may incur an additional session fee. Accepted forms of payment include ACH, corporate check, Paypal (add 3.9% for payments originating in the US or 5% for payment originating outside of the US), and bank (wire, electronic) transfer (wire transfer fees may apply). Contractor is entitled to charge a late fee for any undisputed overdue payments. In no event should payment to Contractor be contingent upon payment to Client by the party who commissioned the work or services. Overdue payments will be assessed a fee of 1.5% per month, with a minimum late fee of $25 assessed per overdue invoice.


You will be granted a temporary license to use the voiceover recordings we provide you only until your payment in full is received, at which time the full ownership of your voiceover recordings will be transferred to you. This temporary license expires 10 days from the date your final payment is considered due. Buyout for broadcast usage of your voiceover recordings is not implied or included in your voiceover fee unless explicitly agreed to in writing.

Please download a copy of this agreement here and save it for your records. If there are any terms of this agreement you wish amended, please advise us immediately by email.  Your understanding and acceptance of this agreement is implied unless we hear from you otherwise.

We pride ourselves on customer service and should a disagreement arise, we will do everything in our power to work with you to come to an acceptable solution.

Thank you for choosing Carasmatic Productions!